Out-of-State Recruitment Opportunities for NM

Industry marketing and networking events can often take months of preparation even when the goal is to just to set up meetings because the majority of industry is in the same place at the same time. There are other means of participation as well which may vary depending on the event: hosting receptions, registering for a booth, participating on a panel, advertising through ads and/or sponsorships, or supporting a screening of a NM production.

Below are key events where local collaboration may increase production recruitment to New Mexico. This is not a comprehensive list. And a reminder that if just one show produces in NM from a little face-time, the local economic benefit makes it worth the overall effort and cost.


Sundance Film Festival  – Park City, UT
PGA Awards – Santa Monica, CA


Berlin Film Festival – Berlin, Germany


SXSW – Austin, TX


Tribeca Film Festival – Tribeca, NY

AFCI – Burbank, CA  (Location Varies)


Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France


Telluride Film Festival – Telluride, CO

Toronto Film Festival  – Toronto, Canada


AFCI Cineposium Fall – Various Locations

AFM  – Santa Monica, CA

AFI – Hollywood, CA


Locations Guide Focus – London, England