Shoot New Mexico is an unincorporated collaborative that organizes and disseminates, information and resources about the local film and television industry under a single, recognizable brand. It provides a flexible means for collaboration among key film and television industry organizations and businesses within New Mexico to complement each other’s efforts to meet common goals, to offer statewide regional support, and to maintain and improve consistent messaging from the local industry to producers worldwide. Shoot New Mexico advocates communication and networking among existing local resources, and facilitates partnerships for industry events, to strengthen this community. Shoot New Mexico’s branding includes cities and regions such as Shoot Santa Fe, Shoot Albuquerque, and Shoot Las Cruces.



How does Shoot New Mexico do this?

The first initiative to be facilitated by Shoot New Mexico is a voluntary declaration process called REEL NM: FILM & TV VENDOR DECLARATION where local businesses are encouraged to make a commitment to service the industry. This initiative includes a partnership with yellCast and offers training to businesses about productions and how they work. Other initiatives include (1) coordinating services and efforts of local entities participating in marketing events that increase recruitment of productions to NM; (2) partnering with a non-profit fiscal sponsor for charitable work that promotes community awareness and supports local causes; (3) maintaining an online “portal” linking individuals to existing outreach events, business directories, organizations, training programs, and legislative supporters around the state; and, similarly, (4) providing information about the industry and related training resources for residents embarking on a new career and local businesses expanding into the industry.

Note: Shoot New Mexico does not provide directories, locations, production contacts, union processes, or incentive information. However, you will find links and discussions related to these topics. Be sure to visit the “Links” section under NM Outreach to be directed to local, external websites with this type of information.

Partners and History

The IATSE Local 480 Film Union is the founding collaborator of Shoot New Mexico, which evolved from “Shoot Santa Fe” (2012). IATSE Local 480 provides in-kind, logistical services and only participates in events that support industry labor and related job opportunities. A list of other partners will be available on this website in the New Year. Additional collaborators, volunteers, donors, and in-kind sponsors are welcomed and encouraged to become involved and contribute to this effort in order to expand cooperation in meeting common goals and to maintain strong communication within our local industry.