REEL NM Vendor Declaration

Join Hundreds of other businesses in declaring their commitment
to the New Mexico Film & Television Industry.

Thank you for your interest in supporting local business in New Mexico and the NM film & TV industry.

By declaring your commitment and signing up with yellCast, productions have the means to expand their relationships with our local community.

Upon submission of the form below, your business listing will be added to yellCast as soon as it is reviewed by Shoot NM. An icon will appear on your yellCast listing to promote your business as “film-friendly.”  

Declaration Form:

 By completing this form, you assure that the following information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, and as you assert and declare as a representative of this business that the named local vendor:

  1. Invests in the New Mexico economy as a local registered business that meets state tax obligations; and
  2. Has at least one owner or at least one employee that is a current, full-time resident of New Mexico, who invests in the economy of our state as a citizen of the community; and
  3. Has a designated business location, with bricks and mortar, from which services are coordinated, and intends to expand or continue its local commitment to this industry; and
  4. Has made best efforts to have a business designate who handles production requests and who is familiar with distinctive nature of this industry by, for example, utilizing available information by its supporters; and
  5. Has made best efforts to meet the vendor requirements of the New Mexico Film & Television Tax Credit Act (see “Physical Presence” – NMAC).