In this section, ShootNM offers an understanding of the various roles of crew members and the structure of production . You will find tips and general information about the film and television industry to help you research and pursue job positions in which you may be interested, as well as a means of access to the opinions of those with professional experience. Industry 101 is for informational purposes only providing a direction to additional sources for your consideration.


Many industry professionals forget how confusing the industry, with all the various niches, jargon and standard practices, initially seem to those new to film & television production. The information about craft departments will offer an understanding of their responsibilities, their differences, the universal structure of physical production and the union affiliations associated with larger productions. We intend to develop a library of videos full of practical information.

Career Paths

“Career Paths” will be available soon, and intends to provide an interactive application to assist New Mexico residents with navigating a career in the industry and getting a sense of realistic expectations. Empower yourself by figuring out what to ask and by making informed decisions.


In addition to a developing a training FAQ section, an email submission form will be available to ask ShootNM about training requirements, options and skills needed primarily for below-the-line crew. Emails will be reviewed and the most common questions will be answered either directly or indirectly in a weekly blog.