The New Mexico Film & TV Hall of Fame arrives as part of the natural progression of this industry, enabling a celebration of the hundreds of individuals that have contributed to New Mexico’s success as an established leader in storytelling and production.

Shoot New Mexico (ShootNM), along with industry partners, both public and private, plan to memorialize those who help create and evolve this business, those who sustain it, and those whose talents have made New Mexico and New Mexicans standout worldwide.

While the NM Film and TV business matures, New Mexico is becoming more and more recognized for it prodigious talent base, great locations and compelling stories as the many festival awards, grants and Emmy and Oscar nods and wins demonstrate. However, this industry and those that have contributed to its success pre-dates the burgeoning period of the film and television incentive era, led by our state over fifteen years ago. Jon Hendry, Business Agent for the IATSE Local 480 film technicians’ union explains, “This business didn’t just pop up overnight. The explosive growth under the Governor Johnson, Richardson and Martinez administrations was built on a solid foundation that was already here. The many national award winners we represent, and the great movies and TV shot here, all need to be memorialized from its inception. We’re happy to help ShootNM kick-start this important initiative.”

With a film history that encompasses over two centuries, New Mexico State Film Office (NMFO) has kept track of significant movies and television shows dating back to 1898 in an online filmography. New Mexico Film and TV shows have been nominated for and won Multiple awards both nationally and Internationally. Its time we acknowledge the broad shoulders todays filmmakers stand on.

Nani Rivera is the Executive Director of Shoot New Mexico. “As a recently expanded collaborative, ShootNM provides a means for the industry to come together and recognize the successful efforts made by an array of supporters including some unknown…like the avid film enthusist, the multi-hatted filmmaker not to mention the business supplier and the public servant. We’re excited to take this on and involve the film and television community.”

ShootNM is formalizing it’s industry and public partners. If you’re interested in partnering with ShootNM for this initiative or in general, contact Director NaNi Rivera or Launch Coordinator Bonnie Schwartz .

Check out NM Film & TV Hall of Fame announcements on the SNMO Facebook feed.