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Earlier this year, Shoot New Mexico (SNMO) began working with with the new and technologically innovative company, yellCast, the next generation of online search and connection engines. This groundbreaking partnership is now set to not only pave the way for production buyers to quickly and easily find and contact local vendors but to also expand the number of film-friendly businesses in our state.

In order to accelerate the action, yellCast is offering prizes to the to the New Mexico residents who get the most local businesses to submit a film-friendly declaration and sign up for a yellCast listing between Friday, June 23rd through Friday, September 1st, just after the New Mexico Film Office’s annual conference.

Reach out to your network of vendors and contacts and ask them to submit the Shoot NM declaration and join the effort to push more spending to local businesses. All your vendors have to do is go through the online process listed below and add your name as their referral for a chance to win a weekend getaway, gift certificates and other great prizes from yellCast.

How the process works:

1. Businesses visit this webpage and declare their commitment to being an industry-friendly vendor.

2. Once the business is verified as located in-state by SNMO, businesses then complete, currently at no-cost, their listing on, including all the descriptive keywords and how they prefer to be contacted: text, email, phone or all three. Then, yellCast listings will automatically include the approved SNMO vendor seal which indicates that the business is considered film-friendly.

3. With a quick and easy yellCast search, production buyers can find these local, film-friendly businesses, and have a good idea which of those may qualify for the 25% to 30% NM production incentive program.

Shoot New Mexico and yellCast will be available to work with production buyers to use yellCast to search for and connect with local businesses for any and all production needs. This will save time and allow crew to quickly and easily identify businesses who now have an understanding of production requests and questions, including qualifying purchases for the state’s incentive program.

Please feel free to contact Kate Noble, Head of Community Development for yellCast, with any questions or technical issues.

Help magnify the economic impact of production in New Mexico. Let’s make this the most powerful summer for film and TV yet!