Lights! Production Supplies and Services? ACTION!

It’s time for New Mexico businesses to get into movies. Shoot New Mexico and yellCast have a groundbreaking partnership that will pave the way for production buyers to quickly and easily find and contact local vendors. So, it’s time to take action if you serve food, or sell plants, or furnishings, or anything that might be useful as a prop, or building supplies, or old cars, or traffic cones, or masking tape, or office supplies, or hair products and makeup; anything that a TV show or movie might need while working in New Mexico.

Officially launching June 2017 – Here’s the Scoop:

1.) Start by declaring your business’ commitment to the film and television industry through submitting the online form found here.
2.) Once your submission has been verified by REEL NM VENDOR team at ShootNM, your listing will appear on Update keywords for productions and the method to be contacted through yellCast anytime.
3) Your yellCast listing will automatically include the approved ShootNM icon, symbolizing your business as “film-friendly.”
4.) Production buyers can find and identify your business as film-friendly, and, a potential qualifier for the New Mexico’s production tax incentive – giving you an edge in this multi-industry, local directory that provides quick and easy tools to search and connect.
5.) Listing in yellCast through ShootNM is currently free of charge for the summer of 2017. Take advantage of this grace period! And, be amazed at the affordability and financial control yellCast will be offering.
6) Already listed on yellCast? Submit the declaration to identify your business as film-friendly!

Shoot New Mexico and yellCast will work with and encourage production buyers to use yellCast as a search and connect tool for any and all production needs. This will save productions time and allow to quickly and easily identify businesses which have take the time to research how this industry works and what it means to qualify for New Mexico Film & Television Refundable Production Tax Credit, a powerful incentive for production-related spending.

“YellCast is a revolutionary tool for the next generation of searching and connecting with local businesses. It’s especially powerful when you are looking for a particular value connected to a business, like film-friendliness. We are excited to be the path between productions and local businesses in New Mexico this summer,” said Bill Foster, co-founder of yellCast.

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