Craft Departments

“The Production Department is the core of a movie set… If the Director is ‘Captain’ then the Studio is the ‘Commander-in­ Chief’ and the Producers are the ‘Generals’.”

Reference: ON THE SET: The Hidden Rules of Movie Making Etiquette
by Paul J. Salamo (Third Edition)

Craft Departments are listed below on tabs. Click a tab for a brief description and the positions associated with that department.

This department includes off-camera “above-the-line” positions, the assistant directors and the script supervisor – all of whom manage physical production.

Positions: Director, Screenwriter, Executive Producer, Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager (UPM), 1st Assistant Director (1st A.D.), 2nd Assistant Director (2nd A.D.), 2nd 2nd Assistant Director (2nd 2nd A.D.), (Set) Production Assistant (P.A.); Script Supervisor

Below is a basic, no nonsense introduction to craft departments and the structure of physical production.

Below is a 16 minute plus informational video on the film and television craft departments, the positions within each craft department, and the typical union affiliations in New Mexico.

Although cannot determine the accuracy of these websites or does not have any control of changes made to these links, here are some additional sources for your consideration and research about crew positions:

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